In many of our current partnerships the employees themselves have provided feedback on their yearly employee survey, they have expressed that the massage chairs provide a little break in the day that allows them to continue to deliver incredible customer service. As with any partnership there is revenue and that can be routed to any account of the properties choosing. In some cases the properties have elected for the proceeds to be put in the employee crisis or emergency fund, which has been a great way to promote the chairs and increase team member engagement.

No-Risk To Client’s

We provide equipment, installation and service at no cost to the property.

Equipment placement creates additional revenue generating opportunities in unused space.

Feel the Knead is reachable on a 24/7 bases in the event of a mishap, discrepancy, or abnormal maintenance needs that require more than routine servicing. There is a contact number located on each chair.

Feel the Knead implements a minimum $2 million per occurrence insurance policy that protects each party from liability.


We use a surface barrier protectant, through our partners at Sterile 19, that reaches full strength after it dries and eliminates bacteria on porous and non-porous surfaces for a minimum of 90 days in high touch areas.

Our product is currently being used in healthcare facilities all over the US.

We take it one step farther to do this type of treatment every 60 days in addition to our regular maintenance schedule.

We look forward to being a great partner and providing a service to your valued customers and loyal employees.