We provide a comprehensive solution to the Hospitality Industry and a leading source of mobility solution providers. Our equipment will provide guests with the means to move around freely while keeping business within ADA compliance guidelines.

Expert Mobility Technicians

Our operations team has a combined level experience of over 20 years in the Las Vegas Hospitality industry for mobility equipment.

What do we need from the venue

We need a space provided on location to store and charge our Scooters and place our wheelchairs for ease of access to your guests. Also, assistance with standard operating procedures such as renting the equipment with the tablet provided, and helping us maintain sanitation procedures with wiping the equipment at the time of rental.

Local Service Providers

Having a local company who runs their headquarters from Las Vegas is a vital part of the service level we can provide. We can be on location for any services, and our local team is always just a phone call away.